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SPRING-TIME at Scarsdale Organic Dry Cleaners / Christie Place Cleaners / Westchester Organic Dry Cleaners

It’s SPRING-TIME at Scarsdale Organic Dry Cleaners / Christie Place Cleaners / Westchester Organic Dry Cleaners!

It’s time to freshen up the wardrobe. We offer FREE pick up and delivery to ALL of lower Westchester. Our customers say we are the “nicest dry cleaners in Westchester” for a reason. We are open Monday through Saturday from 7:30 to 7:00. We clean shirts, suits, sweaters, linens, throws, even carpets and drapes.

Hope to see you soon!
Scarsdale Organic Dry Cleaners

Scarsdale Fur Coat Storage! We now offer FREE garment storage for all our customers!

Scarsdale Coat Storage! We now offer FREE storage for all our customers! Its time to put away those winter cloths. We offer FREE storage for all our dry cleaning customers. Fur Coats, sweaters, blankets and comforters, drapes. We also offer long term storage for wedding dresses. We will professionally and safely store you garments in a safe climate controlled environment. If you need them picked up we will gladly do that, and then deliver them in the Fall.
Scarsdale Fur Coar Storage

The Nicest Dry Cleaners in Scarsdale!

Our customers repeatedly say we are the nicest dry cleaners in Scarsdale. Customer service is our top priority. We always smile, and offer warm friendly service. We’re a family business that was built on the age old principle of “the customer comes first”. We specialize in eco-friendly non toxic dry cleaning and laundry. We do this not because it’s trendy or the “in” thing, but because we care about the environment and your health. We want to leave our children with a better world and we do everything we can to eliminate toxins from our cleaning process.

We offer full service dry cleaning, laundry service, and FREE pick up and delivery to most of Westchester. No job is too big or too small for us. We also have a tailor on site who was trained in Paris. She can do custom work, or simple alterations. We are conveniently located in the village of Scarsdale, one block away from the Scarsdale train station at One Christie Place, directly across the street from DeCicco Market rear parking lot and next door to Julius Michael Hair Salon. Please stop in and say hello!